Our Drinks

Our Drinks

Our cascara originates from Las Lajas, an organic micromill located in Sabanilla de Alajuela in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. Costa Ricans believe in the preservation of the local flora and fauna which complements the organic practices at Las Lajas to produce their coffee.

Our Cascara Craft Tonics are organic, infused with fresh ginger and lightly sweetened with only 8 grams of cane sugar per serving (12 oz.).  In addition to our Original flavor, we currently offer three new flavors using organically sourced, spearmint and sweet basil, hibiscus and lavender.  All of our unique Cascara Craft Tonics can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink with a meal or as a hydrating pick-me-up after a strenuous work out.

Tasting notes include: Sweet and tart, tamarind, fig, cranberry, ginger spice, and pepper.

Our Cold Brew Coffee is a special blend sourced from small farms in Sumatra, Honduras, and Guatemala.  This blend is masterfully roasted in San Diego, California.

The rich volcanic soils of Guatemala provide a concentrated and flavorful coffee. The Sumatra region produces coffee that typically has lower acidity and a unique richness. Honduras provides a coffee that is aromatic and robust. This blend, coupled with our cold brew process creates a palate pleasing, smooth, and low acidity coffee.  We are often complemented on how flavorful and bold our cold brew tastes while also having a smooth and clean finish.

Tasting notes include: Chocolate and citrus, creamy mouthfeel, sweet acidity, and a clean finish.