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Cascara (Coffee Cherry Tea)

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Our cascara originates from Las Lajas, an organic micromill located in Sabanilla de Alajuela in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. Costa Ricans believe in the preservation of the local flora and fauna which complements the organic practices at Las Lajas to produce their coffee.

Tasting notes include: Sweet and tart, tamarind, fig, cranberry, ginger spice, and pepper.

Refreshing and delicious cascara (coffee cherry tea)  can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Hot Brewing Instructions:

18 grams loose cascara to
250 grams (8oz) hot water just off boil.
Let steep for 4-8 minutes, depending on taste.


Cold Brew Instructions:

35 grams loose cascara to
250 grams cold water.
Let steep overnight in the fridge.