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Specialty Coffee Blend

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Our Specialty Coffee Blend is sourced from small farms in Sumatra, Honduras, and Guatemala.  This is the same blend is the basis of our delicious cold brew coffee which is served in some of the best restaurants and pubs in San Diego.  These beans are roasted locally in small batched to ensure the freshest flavors and aromas.

The rich volcanic soils of Guatemala provide a concentrated and flavorful coffee. The Sumatra region produces coffee that typically has lower acidity and a unique richness. Honduras provides a coffee that is aromatic and robust. This blend, coupled with our cold brew process creates a palate pleasing, smooth, and low acidity coffee.  We are often complemented on how flavorful and bold our cold brew tastes while also having a smooth and clean finish.

Tasting notes include: Chocolate and citrus, creamy mouthfeel, sweet acidity, and a clean finish.

Origins: Sumatra, Honduras, Guatemala

Regions: West-Central Sumatra, San Pedro, Santa Rosa Valley

Altitude: 1300 - 1500 masl (4,200 - 5,000 ft.)


Cold Brew Instructions for French Press:

Amount: 2/3 Cup of Beans
Grind: Medium to Course

Gently mix ground beans with 8 cups of water in French Press. Loosely cover grounds in press with plunger and let sit in fridge for 12-16 hours. Carefully push grounds to bottom of press with plunger and enjoy!  You may use a paper filter if you desire a cleaner cup of cold brew.

Hot Brew to your preference :-)