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Cold Brew Coffee (Small)

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Cold brew coffee in a box is convenient and always "on-tap" when you have a craving for coffee.  It takes very little space in your refrigerator and stays FRESH for weeks.  The entire box and liner are fully recyclable - feel good about that! 

You are ordering a Small Cold Brew Coffee in a Box which has 12 - 8oz. servings of refreshing coffee inside.

Our special cold brew coffee blend is masterfully roasted in San Diego with beans from:

Origins: Sumatra, Honduras, Guatemala

Regions: West-Central Sumatra, San Pedro, Santa Rosa Valley

Altitude: 1300 - 1500 masl (4,200 - 5,000 ft.)

Tasting notes include: Chocolate and citrus, creamy mouthfeel, sweet acidity, and a clean finish.